The next evening, I was drunk and glamorous.

I haven’t stepped here for more than a year, and the charm is still hot. The noisy crowd is noisy, the ears are crazy, the music is crazy, and the charm is ambiguous at night, which hangs over the whole bar and anesthetizes people’s hearts.
Mr. Cao took care of it early? Wei Chen was surrounded by several women when Mann stepped into Wei Chen’s bag. Wei Chen’s face turned slightly red and he seemed to be drunk. He held a scene in one hand and was obscene and disgusting.
Section 9
"Mr. Wei" Mann walked up to the man endure disgust big call way
Wei Chen didn’t seem to hear that he was having an affair with a woman around him. He circled the woman on the right side and quietly said something in his ear. He circled the woman and blushed and giggled and fell in the man’s arms.
For men? Mann frowned slightly, with a good temper, and leaned slightly. She almost looked up at the man with a side face. He smiled and called out again, "Mr. Wei? I-"
Before she could say her words, she was pushed aside by a woman, and she was suddenly hit by someone who didn’t pay attention and almost got hit by someone.
Staggered back several steps to stabilize the pace and make room for anger in her chest. She strode aside and was still immersed in the singing world woman. She snatched the microphone from her hand and yelled through the microphone. "Wei Chen, are you deaf? Can’t hear others calling you? "
As soon as she started screaming, the bag suddenly became silent, and almost everyone’s eyes fell on her.
Wei Chen looked in the direction of her voice and saw it at a glance? When Mann Wei Chen narrowed his eyes and froze, he suddenly pushed his side and leaned in. The woman got up and strode to it? Manqian
He looks like he can’t believe it. Mann’s cheeks suddenly giggled. "Yiyi, why are you here?"
Man just raised his hand to slap the man in her face. The man suddenly gave up his hand? Mann hand instantaneous froze in there …
He refused to give up? Mann finally knew why Mr. Cao was so confident that she would come to Wei Chen alone and was sure that Wei Chen would not refuse her. No wonder she felt so familiar when she first met Cenyi.
It turns out that Cenyi looks a little similar to her …
She froze for half a ring until the man held her tightly in his arms? Man just gawked, leaning against the man’s broad shoulders and setting on the sofa. Many women were jealous. She suddenly evoked a lip smile. "Wei Chen, can I talk to you alone?"
Wei Chen smells handsome and perfect, and her eyebrows suddenly bend loose. She walks to the door and pulls out a pile of cash from her pocket to the women who were very affectionate just now. "Didn’t you hear what she said? Now you can roll! " Say that finish, he has just taken out a bunch of now thrown out of the bag.
As he threw money, a group of women gathered around the sofa just now flocked to chase him out.
Bao door was held by his big hand with the man striding back to her? Hand directly brought her to the front of the sofa.
Mann was dragged by a man and sat down. She will talk in the future. The man has hugged her again and said in a sullen voice, "Yiyi, please forgive me and don’t be angry with me again."
From Cenyi’s mouth? Man heard that Wei Chen was an out-and-out heart breaker, but after seeing Wei Chen, she felt that Wei Chen’s attitude seemed to have something to hide …
Her drooping eyelids and slender eyelashes blocked the bottom of her eyes, and she squatted on the man’s shoulder for a moment and suddenly sank her voice and asked, "You forced me to abort the child and not say that I was engaged to another woman. Wei Chen, how dare you let me forgive you?"
It seems very difficult for men to say "Yiyi … children must be aborted"
Man raised his eyebrows. "What?"
He suddenly hugged her so tightly that she could hardly breathe? Man frowned and listened to the man’s voice? Dumb voice "yiyi, we will have another child later. I don’t want this."
Mann laughed. "How can you have children with me when you are going to marry another woman?"
"Yiyi Musu, I have to marry her. I promised her before I met you."
It took Mann a long time to react after listening to the man’s words. She blinked. "Wei Chen, you mean you promised that Musu would marry her. You want to marry her, but you can’t bear to say goodbye. Do you want to let Yiyi do it for you?"
His voice sounds dumb and seems to be painful. "I can give you anything you want except the name."
Man couldn’t help laughing, "Wei Chen, you are such an asshole!" "
"Yiyi, you won’t?" He suddenly sank his voice and increased his strength in holding her.
Mann felt that his chest and ribs were crushed, so he couldn’t help frowning. "Wei Chen, let me go!"
"Let you go?" He suddenly chuckled and kissed her on the neck. "I can’t find it if I run away like the second time?"
How cool is the temperature? Mann was shocked and didn’t want to struggle. "Wei Chen, you let me go. I’m not Cenyi!"
Wei Chen suddenly buckled her and pulled the distance between them a little bit blurred. Her eyes narrowed gradually. "Yiyi, you are drunk."
Mann was a little upset and replied coldly, "I didn’t drink, but you were drunk!" "
"Drink?" Wei Chen suddenly laughed when he heard the word wine. "Even though we have known each other for so long, we have never had a drink alone. Why don’t we have a toast?"
He casually picked up the table and handed one glass of wine to himself? Manqian
Mann turned his head to one side and replied coldly, "I don’t drink!" "
"You don’t drink?" Wei Chen’s lip corner evoked a sneer. "Don’t drink, but I won’t force you to drink if you come back with me now!"
Man coldly condensed him. "Wei Chen, open your eyes and see if I am in accordance with Cen!"
He suddenly hooked her beautiful face and danger came to her. "Yiyi, please ask you again whether you drink or not!"
Wei Chen is drunk? Man knows that he dare not be too serious with drunkards. After thinking about it, he still took the red wine from the man.