Warm didn’t good the spirit Chen to it "have I give you some more"

As soon as God appeared, he flew over with an eyebrow eye smile and took the lead in grabbing the position facing the window. Sit down.
The warmth gave him a longing look and motioned for him to knock on the door. Two students came in respectfully pushing the dining car and were surprised to see the chair. However, their professionalism made them not ask anything, and then bowed their heads and quietly retired.
When he saw God, he mumbled, "Aren’t these ordinary people excited to worship God beast? Or cry for joy. Why do you see it that way? Really have eyes. "
Warm heart "This is the best hotel in the whole North City, where the professional quality of the workers is high. You can’t imagine that even if they are surprised again, they will not dare to eat. If they are so enthusiastic, you should be bored again."
God smiled. "That’s true. I’ve always kept a low profile and never pursued anything."
Warm smile shook his head and gave it a bowl like porridge. "Eat quickly, I have to go to the game."
God enjoys being served on his own initiative. You know, there is no longing for it. He is proud of it and winks at it. Otherwise, he personally holds a bowl for warmth and then leisurely says, "Love is happier than being loved, and dedication is more meaningful than taking."
God suddenly choked for a moment and then complained to the warmth, "My wife and husband say that he is happier than you and that living is more meaningful than you."
Ignore the warmth and eat alone.
It’s your turn to look at it with fascination. "It seems that you still don’t understand what the two words really mean, and it’s no wonder that you haven’t taken the ghost yet."
God is sad and angry. "You show your love and die quickly. Is it because I didn’t take the ghost? I don’t care to take it at all, okay?"
Fascinated hehe-"Really?"
God just swore "true"
"Oh ghost didn’t you hear? People don’t want you at all. You can rest assured that if you marry someone else, you can rest assured that my eldest brother and I will help you find a good one. Not only are you beautiful, but the most important thing is that you should be gentle … "Said the longing to the window.
God’s face gradually changed, and his small eyes stared at the outside and opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t say it. The appearance was also tangled. No one waited until he was fascinated and said, "Is it outside?" It saves me from repeating it again when I hear it just hum. "
Smiling with longing and not saying a word
God came out and stressed that "what I said is true"
Fascinated and in a good mood, he joked, "No one doubts you. Too much explanation is guilty."
God was blocked for a while and looked out of the window. I didn’t see a ghost. My mind was thinking. Could it be that people were angry and flew away? I couldn’t bear to look at the warmth for a while. I was secretly angry and fascinated, and I smiled and gave her a soup bag.
I’m out of my mind, but I don’t have an appetite. I have a drooping eyebrow eye and I don’t want to show it. I just have to endure eating that little appearance …
Ok, I’m warm and soft-hearted. Nai laughed. "Come on, Ah-wang’s kidding. The ghost isn’t even out there. He didn’t hear a word just now."
"ah? Really? " God consciously asked and consciously made a slip of the tongue to remedy "is it in love? Hum, it doesn’t matter to me, but cough, where did it go?" Didn’t Dagong send it to the North City? "
"It hasn’t come back from delivering letters to the tribe."
"Oh, that’s right." The tone of God was relaxed, and then he disdained it. "The speed is getting slower and slower, and if you are old, you will miss."
"If it misses, you should cry," quipped wistfully.
"Who is crying? I don’t care. Ah, ah, ah, you are getting more and more evil. Sure enough, meat men have no bottom line, and they don’t want anything. "
Enthusiastic way: "Warm son likes me like this. Do you think this is irritating?"
Section 415
"You …"
Warm chopsticks knocked on the bowl and stared at the beautiful eyes. "Eat quickly when you are done."
One person, one bird, this is quiet.
After dinner, it’s already half past half past one, and after a little warming up, I’m fascinated to hug my waist and go out when I see it. When I see it, I’m sour and hum, twisting the bird’s face to one side to show that it doesn’t envy, envy and hate it at all. Although it’s a single bird, it just doesn’t eat this dog food.
After going out, Wu and Fu Yun had been waiting outside the door for a long time. When they saw God coming out, they took a look at each other and their eyes reached the same message. It became more and more lively. After that, they must talk less and work more.
Magic and A Dai came out from the next door when they heard the noise. When magic came out, their eyes fell thoughtfully on the warm body. Seeing her heart tremble, she always felt that something bad was happening and urged her to go quickly.
A Dai greeted God. "Why are you here?"
It’s as if I didn’t hear staring at A Dai’s hair and yelling, "Ah, A Dai, what’s your head? Who used it as a bird’s nest? Still colorful, poof, haha, are you envious of my beautiful feathers and then make a cottage? "
Wu and Fu Yunwen laughed and scurried.
A Dai immediately bad face to "god out I just so enthusiastic to you you incredibly bite the hand that feeds you? Who is the fake? I am original. If you don’t understand, don’t be blind. It’s terrible to have no culture. "
God’s pie pie "is original? Is modeling a failure? "
"Nonsense, I think you are just jealous. com commented that my hair is cool, and many people imitate it."
"Who’s jealous? I’m born this way. What are you doing the day after tomorrow?"
"God shows that you deliberately find fault, don’t you?"
"Yes and yes, I’m looking for a punching bag. Come on, hurt each other …"
The two started bickering when they met, and then they started to fight until they were so agitated that they shouted, "Shut up when it’s so noisy."
A Dai didn’t complain, "I’m a victim, regardless of my business."
God out of the teeth "who insatiability? Old secretion balance, yin and yang coordination, you are a child chicken to insatiability. "
"Hehe, I have this." A Dai raised his hand. "Can you do it?"
God suddenly felt ashamed and resentful.
The atmosphere of the car is harmonious. Wu and Fu Yun sit in the front and watch their noses and hearts.
A Dai took out his mobile phone to play games.
Magic arms intentionally staring at the warmth seems to be studying and wondering what God is sitting next to him, and his eyes are rolling around guessing that the warmth is uncomfortable for one person and one bird to find a topic to break. "God asked you to stare at the second house. What can you gain?"
I felt excited when I heard the news. "Oh, I forgot to show off. Er, I didn’t forget to share the divination. This time it’s a big story. You can’t think of the dog blood story."
It exaggerates the response of Nai.
Concentrate on the car or concentrate on the car to play games or lower your head to play games. I’m still wondering. I gave it a look and hugged the warmth and continued to watch the embarrassment.
I almost didn’t cry out. This pot of cold water was so cool and warm that I laughed and comforted them. "They are all men who are not interested in hexagrams. It’s normal for you to tell me. I’m curious."
God made me feel better, wiped away my tears and smirked. "There’s still less room for my wife."
"Come on, don’t be poor, say it quickly."