"hey! ….. pay attention to your eyes behave! " Holding the steering wheel, the black dog Chen glanced at a side of Ge Sang’s heart and pointed out her if there was no meaning.

"Let me see what’s wrong?" Ge Sang’s heart is full of curiosity and curiosity. From time to time, he turned his face and looked behind him. Although he couldn’t see anything through the window, the imaginable ambiguity made the girl’s face red.
However …
Section 52
Chen Black Dog’s contemptuous words almost made her angry.
"Chou Chou to have the matter? Let me tell you something, girl! My head, he already has a wife. Please put away your little thoughts and hum! Toad wants to eat swan meat-"
"ah? Shit! What did you say about me? Who is the toad? " Although his last sentence sounds small, if Ge Sang’s heart still hears it, he can’t wait to poke his face with blisters when he stares up.
Eyes intently looking at the front of the black dog Chen snorted. "To tell the truth, I have seen too many girls like you around the head. When I see the head, my eyes glow and I can’t wait to strip myself … shame!"
"Chen Black Dog!" If Ge Sang’s heart is short of breath and angry, he can almost hear himself grinding his teeth.
If he wasn’t driving …
If there is no safety for the chief and the boss …
If it weren’t for the two bosses behind, she would have to kick over and let this shit man fill the hole in the road
Gnashing her teeth, she bitterly scolded, "Man put on airs and dogs are filthy!"
"Oh who is dirty? It’s just a kind warning that you have to suffer and regret. "
"I put your mother’s shit!"
"Don’t believe it? Look at your eyes by yourself … Gee, everything is on your face! "
Really? !
Ge Sang’s heart thumped and touched his hot face, which was said to be a little guilty by Chen Heigou. It was said that when she was in the boot training brigade, she used to be a cold owl … But there was no Xie Mingcheng and Wei Liao behind her … She wasn’t partial to anyone but a anthomaniac?
Oh, mom!
She blushed at the thought of that stubble and closed her mouth guiltily and stopped talking.
But is she wrong to like handsome men? Didn’t you just look at it a few more times? Being said by Chen Heigou seems like how much crime she has committed.
She hung her head with a flat mouth.
Chen Heigou looked at Ge Sang’s girl like that, and his heart was strengthened. His mouth was bent with disdain. "It’s still a good boy to get lost!"
"You fart matter!"
"Girls have to know themselves!"
"You fart matter!"
"Sniff ~ Dogs bite Lv Dongbin!"
"Who is the dog? You are the dog! " By his derogatory and damaging tone to quiet Ge Sang heart if small temper came also "line belongs to the dog, you don’t say me … who knows what’s wrong with your mind? Maybe you’ve always had a crush on our boss, haven’t you? "
"Depend! Don’t fucking talk nonsense! " Chen black dog was frightened by her heart. I really want to cover this girl’s mouth directly.
God! If the boss hears this, can he still be a driver?
"Ha-ha-"Ge Sang laughed at me strangely, and then she poked someone’s weakness with joy. She smiled quite proudly. "Idiot! Sure enough! "
Chen black dog scratched his head. "Come on, come on, always … we are the closest to both of them. That’s right. Do you understand? No one is allowed to move! "
"Hum! Who is like you! "
About an hour later, the car stopped.
It turned out to be in the suburbs, and it was drizzling outside the window.
This is a very tasteful place to look at. At first glance, the appearance of a local leisure membership catering and entertainment club is simple and elegant, and the garden-style decoration style is unique.
The styles of the two creative words are quite different from those of Chang-Jin Yuan.
Nice place!
Leng Xiao held an umbrella to hold Bao Qi’s car, and told Chen Heigou to send Ge Sang’s heart first. When he came back, let him arrange a call for a while and then come and pick him up.
Then two people went to the yard.
If you stay with the dog and the heart, it seems that you have eaten five kilograms of gunpowder, and no one likes who’s four eyes are in the air, and the soldiers are handed over for several seconds, and there is almost no direct fight.
"Forget it. I take a taxi myself. Who wants you to send it? !”
Staring at the eyes, the black dog Chen scoffed at the rain outside the window for a while. "Go easy and don’t send it! Don’t regret! "
Looking at him with a grin, Ge Sang couldn’t wait to strangle her. "Shame on you!"
"I killed you believe it or not? !”
"… come and chop you to death!"
"Smelly shit!"
"mental derangement!"
"King egg!"
"You skinned frog!"
"You are an evolutionary dinosaur!"
"You-Chen Heigou, you bitch!"
Two people chirped and scolded each other a few words. Ge Sang ran away with a black face.
Seeing people, the girl really rushed out in the rain, and Chen Heigou was a little embarrassed again.