Can’t help but hit a quivering three people stare big eyes looking at inside, hoping to find something.

When the three of them stare big eyes, suddenly there is a shout behind them, "Who!"
Someone angrily drank one or three people, and immediately looked at the people and saw a sharp sword fighting out of the heavy curtain, and the tip of the sword pointed at one of the three people.
Seeing this situation, everyone knew that there was an enemy, so he immediately pulled out his own sword.
After the heavy curtain, the figure appeared and found that it was actually
93 Chapter 93 fallen immortals
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Wu Xiangxiang, who has been wanted for a long time!
She’s in your hall now, and she’s still against them. Is this Wu Xiang Niang really taking refuge in your hall?
Such a thought immediately led the three men to kill Wu Xiang Niang with their swords.
Wu Xiang Niang has always been the leader, Bo Jingjing, and her martial arts is what she taught her. It takes simple moves for Wu Xiang Niang to deal with these individuals.
The three men are on the verge of losing to Wu Xiang Niang. Who knows that behind Wu Xiang Niang, there are suddenly nine more people dressed in the palace.
They were surrounded by murderous look around them, and the three of them were rescued immediately, while Wu Xiangniang was a little hard to resist.
The situation changed so fast that the three of them became speechless.
"Go to leave" seven said to three people.
Then join the fight.
The three people can’t help but want to look back at what is behind the stone wall of the ice temple, but they are now rescued by seven people and may not keep it later, and there is still a chance to fly out.
After three people in the mind a scale quickly toward the hall.
Soon they flew to the roof and left for Fang Chixuan.
But their noses suddenly smelled a faint scent, and then a silver shadow flashed across them. At the same time, the three of them felt a pressure oppressing them.
After three people can hide hide living by the kite.
The three men were chopped away and the kite’s face was particularly ugly.
As if someone had touched some inviolable place to be so furious.
The three people were hit by the kite flying far away, and the roof tiles of the house were smashed and collapsed. The bones of the three people were also broken and thrown to the ground to move for a few minutes, so they stopped moving.
Fang Chixuan couldn’t help looking at the kite in surprise when he saw this situation.
The kite is rarely shot, but the power of a shot is really evident.
Yun Zui immediately said to Chi Xuan when he saw that the kite would be hit by three people. "It seems that it was his lamella that broke out his temper."
After Yun Zui said Chi Xuan was not silent, but Yun Zui said it was very reasonable.
What kind of secret is there?
See ChiXuan frown cloud drunk can’t help but smile corners of the mouth.
Just now, she asked the seven people to deliver three people, or maybe she just let Chi Xuan see that scene.
Although it’s really not a treasure, it’s some bodies, but those are all the kites that are struggling to collect, and they are still destroyed as Su Dye Pupils. Exposing them to people is tantamount to destroying his lover Su Dye Pupils.
So care about so angry?
Cloud drunk words fall to see a person in your hall.
The man took his weapon and put it on Wu Xiang Niang’s neck. He took Wu Xiang Niang to the roof and made a kite when he saw the opposite side.
Is this asking Wu Xiangxiang to blackmail the kite?
Other soldiers are at war, but Chi Xuanchi and Yun Zui can’t get drunk. Naturally, the Lord will focus on the roof, Wu Xiangxiang and Qi Heling’s kite body.
Make the kite wear a silver robe light and cheap, and look indifferent. Cherry-like red petals and lips cover half of the face, and there is a sacred feeling in the mystery.
Bright moonlight, he stands as tall as a fallen fairy.
And the other side, with murderous eyes, looks at the kite.
94 Chapter 94 Breathe in.
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"Do you want me to kill her or surrender?" Seven cold sounds sounded behind the towel.
Smell speech makes kite deeply frowned. Is this threatening Wu Xiang Niang?
He’ll buy it?