"Look for it first. It’s best to catch a guy with weight so that we can make a deal with the world government. This … Monkey D. Luffy is a good choice!" Black beard flipped the newspaper in his hand and laughed to reveal an irregular tooth.

"30 million berry little guy … isn’t enough weight?"
New entrants to Van Auger have raised questions.
"Ha ha ha! ! Thirty million berry is just a starting point. When you give him a little, it will surprise people. "Black beard laughed. The name Monkey D. Luffy doomed this young man to be extraordinary.
after all
Everyone has a [D] in their names!
"Gnome male-"then wait for a while "poison q gloomy laughed.
Cigu island
The roaring snowstorm once again visited this newly born country, but it was different from the previous hard life. The new king mobilized the resources of various villages on the island in an orderly manner to complement each other and transported the materials put in the palace to make up for the shortage.
Although I don’t talk about a happy life, I’m not worried that someone will freeze to death or starve to death in this snowstorm.
Changhaocun restaurant
"Hey that guy what history is too can eat? The food will be eaten up! "
"shh! Smaller, that’s one piece. "
"What? One piece, hurry up and inform the king … "
"I told you, the smaller kings knew for a long time that they were not the kind of heinous bad guys. Don’t look at others eating too much. Didn’t you see the sea kings outside when you entered the door?"
"That’s what I wanted to ask."
"It’s the pirate who ate half before hunting. I heard that there was not enough food on the island and went out to hunt such a big one. The pirate is not a bad guy, just like there are not many good kings in so many kings."
"So that’s it ….. well! I didn’t expect such pirates ….. eh? Is that … asleep? "
"Don’t worry, just watch."
"….. woke up again? I’m eating again ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Eat and sleep … "
"Right! I’ve also learned a lot. "
The villagers’ gossip didn’t disturb the guests’ appetite. The guests slept while eating, which made the villagers who had never left Cigu Island more eye-opening than calling friends to watch the fun. There was no business in the snowstorm, and the restaurant became crowded.
"Ah! Unexpected harvest! The business would have been very bleak during this period. Today, I almost earned enough for a month … "The restaurant owner was talking to the king while rubbing his waist.
That is to say, if he dares to do this now, don’t talk to the king so casually when Wapol is in power, even if he rashly gets up, he may be killed directly by the assassin’s hat.
"But then again, dalton, how do you know that the guest is not a bad person?"
The restaurant owner is a little curious.
"This! Ask someone to know that it is time for the drum kingdom to go outside when it has been closed for seven years. Otherwise, it will not keep pace with the development of the times. "dalton was deeply impressed that the situation in the era of the One Pirate was so rapid that it was only seven years ago that the world changed dramatically.
And it can be predicted that the following changes will become more and more violent.
at this point
According to Dr. Kuleiha, King Elus is unwilling to be lonely. In the future, this king will surely be one of the sources of world change.
"Mr. Ace, I’m dalton, king of Wang Guoxin, with a magnetic drum."
Dalton came to ace who was finally satiated with food and drink.
"Hello, dalton, I enjoyed this meal very much. Thank you for your hospitality." Ace greeted dalton politely, thanks to the influence of Saab. Although the study was not very standard, the polite temperament was genuine.
During a face-to-face meeting, dalton confirmed the information given by King Erus. Sure enough, the White Tiger Pirates Group is not the same as ordinary pirates
"Mr. Ace, I know that I don’t want to sell the orders from Gelai Cigu Island, so let’s get this straight here. We didn’t know that the Heihu intelligence group of pirates passed through Cigu Island, but at that time, King Elus happened to be helping us expel the old king. He personally drove away the group of pirates … that’s almost what we know."
Dalton cut to the chase and said
"By the way, King Eluz once said that if someone comes to ask about Heihu’s whereabouts, let me tell him-Heihu and his gang should still be in the paradise, but the specific location is not clear. And Heihu is now a natural and secret fruit-maker, who can forcibly suppress the demon fruit power like a sea stone. It is best not to underestimate the enemy before learning to win the hegemony or exercising the armed domineering to the extreme-this is why King Eluz entrusted me to tell the guests you."
After hearing such a passage
Ace was silent for a long time before finally smiling.
"thanks a lot! I appreciate the kindness of King Alves, but there are some things that must be done, dalton. Thank you for telling me the truth and saving me a lot of time. "
"I’m just a word."
Dalton doesn’t feel that just saying two words deserves to be thanked.
The deck of the New World Mobidick