If Shui looked at Lian Jian and didn’t say her last sentence, she was a little too arrogant. Is she so confident in her ability, or is it that the situation will be one-sided now?

"What if I choose this young general?"
"Can there be a candidate to refer to the gods who can manipulate current events?"
If Shui thought for a moment, "Like Miss Lian’s father, the general who protects the country is not very old when he is over 30. There is another candidate who is a promising teenager, but I don’t know if he will last long."
"That depends on if the water male do you think this person is more powerful? After all, this future green monarch is if the water male you"
"Who would you choose if you were me?"
"It is natural to choose a general who can reach such a position. People must have connections and abilities. Although it may not last as long as this teenager, the family forces and ministers behind it are very important."
If the water is returned, even the old man will choose the latter, but he often chooses the latter. Everyone forgets a very important thing. When he becomes such a person, the training and consumption are not as good as this old man’s.
"If Shuigong has any opinions on this answer?"
Ruoshui shook his head. "Can I ask you something more?"
Lian Jianjust wanted to say what she thought, but it seemed that she was too different. She said a little woman’s reason, "After all, how can a teenager get to this old general level?" It must be that it is a question whether the enemy can live to have the achievements of the old general. "
"Miss Lian thinks so, but I haven’t thought about whether Miss Lian will choose that teenager if she doesn’t consider the princess."
"No, after all, it’s a country’s princess who gives people with insufficient status, just like giving others the most unreliable hope that you have thousands of subjects but not so many princesses."
Ruoshui raised his eyebrows. "Do you know my brother?"
"I don’t know much"
"It seems that you don’t have much affection."
Lian Jianji nodded. "After all, if Shuigong seems to have heard a lot from the sovereign?"
"He didn’t say that Miss Lian showed her kindness in front of me several times."
"It can be said that if Shuigong appeared, it was really wrong, but it was also thought about the rock snake. If Shuigong didn’t know me, it was impossible. If 24 guards had experienced your rock snake attack, it was not impossible if Shuigong’s first impression on me was the same as that of 24 guards."
If water really thinks so, after all, he still believes that even his brother will have people who don’t want to benefit. "Is Miss Lian willing?"
Chapter 5 The Secret
Lian Jian Jian looks at this water. What card is this to play? Sympathy card? Lian Jian knows that he didn’t show too much in front of Ruoshui. At best, he’s not a fool. But Ruoshui still thinks this way because he knows you too well. Or are you trying to cut the face and momentum of this sacred wood?
"Why can’t I understand this sentence?"
If the tone of water is calm, it is a relaxed and quick tone, which is like joking. "Even if the young lady decides to be a special girl with my brother, even if she can help him ten thousand people one day, even the young lady can be a person at most, and if she is not careful, she may not be kicked off ten thousand people."
Lian Jian looked at Ruoshui and was silent for a while. "What position can Ruoshui allow me to go?"
"I have always been a guest for real talents. What if it can really help me to be equal with you all my life?"
LianJianJia shook his head. "That looks crowded."
"Crowding means?"
"If Shuigong says that a woman is nothing to a talented person, even if she can barely get in, Shuigong is even one of many talents."
"How about you split it equally?"
LianJianWei smiled. If you look at her for a long time and didn’t speak, continue to add some heat. "Besides, I think Miss Lian knows that Miss Lian is deliberately restraining herself."
"If Shuigong invites you to take an invitation, you can’t accept it. If Shuigong is a green monarch, but it is this Geng Guo general who helps other countries, isn’t it deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors?"
If the water nodded her head and motioned for her to continue, let’s see if she can give a few reasons for not agreeing.
You don’t even need to think about it. Secondly, if Shuigong is so verve, it must be like a sovereign’s yearning to focus on the peak king. There is one way to divide the sky equally, and that is to help you become a queen. If Shuigong is so ambitious, he also has a 10% chance of winning. If you say that you are willing to let me belittle other talents, you can’t guarantee that this latecomer will come fourth. If Shuigong doesn’t belittle other talents, you will also promise.
"Is there anything else?" If the water is still a charming gentleman, the eyes of God are full of softness and spoil.
"The fifth if water when I am a boudoir woman or this boudoir dissatisfied housewife? If Shuigong is really talented and elegant, even if JianJin has been so arrogant, if Shuigong is still a tolerant attitude, what if it is not beneficial? "
If the water is still smiling softly, "Miss Lian is really wrong about the last point. Maybe it is because Miss Lian thinks I am the leader of the rock snake, and she also classifies me into the cold killer stream. I am born with such a good nature. What’s wrong with asking that person not to be as aggressive and kind to others as my brother?"
"There are four more." Even when she raises her eyebrows, she just touches it. If it is water-based, it is not like Ru Yan Qimu. This is a patient and gentle, but I don’t know it, but I always feel that he is like himself to some extent.
If the water didn’t answer this question, "Miss Lian asked me to explain, which is somewhat agreed?"
"Two points. After all, if Shuigong has the courage to come out, how dare you not give face?"
"Miss JianJia is a wise man, but do you believe it? In a word, your first four articles have been overthrown. "
"Ha ~" even smiled. "If Shuigong says that you are striving for hegemony, you can rest assured that it will happen after following the report. It is really a fate with Shuigong."
If the water shook his head, "Miss Lian, what if I promise you peace, stability, prosperity and happiness? And miss Lian needs that hegemony to keep you and me safe. "
LianJianJu slightly one leng "if water public think JianJu is peace and joy?"
Even without talking, looking at the table swinging. Yeah, that’s all she wants … If Shui isn’t being cheated out by this silence, she’s silent with her.
"It’s late ….." Even the sound of the water is almost small. If the water stared at her for a while and waited for the text, she saw that even the water looked up and was still as quiet and quiet as usual. "If the water man please go back, he was a little sleepy."
Even the dialogue between Jianji and Ruoshui was naturally told to you by this dark guard. Qimu was not worried at all. Actually, it really made him feel at ease that it was too late. This was not regret, but even Jianji said that once she chose something, she would never look back.
"Wang Yeqing has always been away from supervision recently," Grain Rain suddenly said.
"He’s always been like this, and you’ve found this amazing position?"
Grain Rain shook her head, knowing that Jing Zhi was not used to appearing in front of people, and knowing the monitoring routine of Ru Yan Qi Mu, she arranged this Jing Zhi to discuss whether it was the enemy or Ru Yan Qi Mu, and she would not find the visual dead angle.
"If you can find a fright, you can find it clearly. Don’t say this again."
You Yan Qimu didn’t say anything wrong, but he never escaped from this clear eye. Looking at sitting by the carved door of this veranda, he was shocked. This person is ordinary and wandering here, and he can escape these three dark eyes. Of course, it is impossible if he is in Wangfu, but it is different to be black in this lack of people’s hospital.
Startled, he turned to hold a dagger. "When are you going to tell your Lord this news?"
"She didn’t show her fangs to my Lord. It’s unnecessary for her to expose herself." Leaning against the door seems to be pulling the sting when it’s time to go back to the carved door.
"Well, I also think that you should not make moves on her for the time being. On that day, when your sovereign was fighting against that Chikage disciple, you must have ignored my Lord while preventing accidents."
Qing looked at "I didn’t"
I was shocked to know that you Yan Qimu was better than that man and needed them to worry too much that such a minor injury was just a scratch for him, so she and Qing had the same secret: "What should Chikage help her?"
"I can help you find out what agreement Miss Lian made with whom."
Jing Zhi shook his head. "No … you’d better go. After all, if you know what the agreement is, you should be able to infer that Chikage is a person."
"What are you going to do to Miss Lian?" Raise your head
Chapter 6 New Year’s Eve ()
After all, I still have to clean up after the Chinese New Year, and I can’t be the same as usual.
"Miss, this is a dress sent by the sovereign." Shelley came in with a red suit. "Miss, do you want to guess this material?"
Even took one look at JianJian. "It takes ten years to get a horse, and it’s just that Lin Guifei has this cloth and a shawl."
Shelley pouted, "I’m sure Miss Li will like it. Although Miss Li and Wang Ye are very special, such precious things are no longer true feelings to measure."
"Flowers and flowers are produced in front of Yucheng, Miao Di, and it seems that the report has ordered people to increase production." Lianjia is very clear about himself, but give him some more advanced weaving methods than the existing textile processing in this Geng country, but if this matter goes out, the value of flowers and flowers will be greatly reduced.
"Miss, change it quickly, but this material doesn’t seem to be very warm. Miss, please wear an extra cotton-padded jacket."