[I can’t help wondering if I’m really scared. Hahahaha]

It rains outside the window from morning till evening, and their office is also noisy from morning till night. After this quarrel with that, it quarrels with another. Everyone seems to have become a brush with a flammable and explosive powder keg. Ai Ran’s temper is anxious and this kind of thing happened again. As soon as he threw away his work badge, he said that he quit.
At noon, Gula had a rest when she had a meal, and her stomach trouble made the ambulance take away the side flute. She remembered what she said when she quarreled before. Forget it. The more she thought about it, the more troublesome she became. She directly asked the personnel for a personal leave, saying that she was unwell and had to go back to rest in the afternoon. They had a project that had problems and had to be revised immediately. Now, the first two people were not in charge of those problems, so they needed two people to share the handling class. Half an hour ago, another delicate-looking man came to the door and said at the gate of their office area that he wanted to find manager Lu
It was a mess, and because everyone was so busy with all kinds of things that no one went to Pan Duo for trouble one day, it stopped raining outside the window, and Sue casually packed up her things and went back. Wei Diya and Ann were busy until one o’clock in the middle of the night before they felt that they were losing money today. Not only did they not take advantage of anything, but they also did more work for no reason.
He habitually glanced around in front of the company gate, then stopped at the side with a black umbrella forgotten by his owner. It didn’t look like you could just buy a bargain by the roadside. He walked over and put it in his pocket without psychological burden. The camera suddenly turned black after he left the back for a few seconds.
When it lit up again, the surrounding scene turned into Pan Duo’s family, Su Gou, sitting at home on the sofa with his arms crossed proudly, talking to the air as if talking to himself: "Pan Duo didn’t answer, but he also denied in his heart that he did have such a revenge-like pleasure when he saw those unlucky people today. Su Gou smiled a little, then got up from the sofa and walked in the direction of sundries while casually asking if he had heard the story of the dragon and the brave.
"Once upon a time, there was a dragon that went everywhere to rob the world of jewels and wealth, causing public anger. Every year, young brave men with strong skills went to crusade, but no one could come back successfully.
He put his hand on the fingertip of the box cover, rubbed his lips gently and smiled.
"Do you know what?" Pan Duo was a little upset when he suddenly interrupted. Before he could react, the lid of the box was snapped shut.
"I can’t beat the dragon, but the bones piled on my feet can kill the dragon, but I am attracted by the treasure and become a new dragon." Sue said lightly while clapping her hands.
He looked up and saw the angle of his eyes and lips, which gently evoked a chilling smile radian.
[Save, save 1
[Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.]
[What are you talking about? That’s what you know, okay?]
When he looked at me just now, I felt that I was pinched from behind, and I didn’t dare to take a breath]
[Me too! My heart is beating in my ears until now! ]
Welcome to the cheese family! Stop hesitating, family! It’s not a loss to buy shares, family! Su became the new Pan Feng and Pan Duo became the new Su.
When I went to the company again the next day, Pan Duo directly handed the resignation application to General Manager Lu, who was upset by his personal affairs and didn’t think much about it. Just go, go and go! Pando really didn’t watch this small company go back to his place and start packing.
Chapter 7 Signature
The third round represents that there are twenty contestants who want to bid farewell to the next race.
Each tutor took a few players away, and twenty-five people in Lin Ji group also eliminated six. Compared with other tutor groups, their farewell atmosphere was much stronger here. After all, twenty-five of them were assigned to the same tutor group to play chasing games on the spaceship after one round of competition, and everyone won the second round of competition together. Everyone advanced to two bars of tutor class every week, and they were particularly happy and happy. For more than a month, they have been together for several times and just hugged and cried.
Even if he won or lost, xia yang didn’t make it to the fourth round. At that time, all the players with strong strength were eliminated by the lottery, but he was psychologically prepared before the game. Now his mood is still calm. He didn’t make any friends on the show, and no one would feel sad and sad when he left. xia yang packed up his things. I thought that it was only before I knew that I would have a chance to shoot a propaganda film with Emperor Lin Ying, so I thought that I would say hello to him before I went forward and ask the workers about the location. xia yang carried the luggage. It passed, but I didn’t expect to see a group of people holding there crying as soon as I entered the door, which scared him to go back several steps. Only when something happened did I know that I just lazily leaned aside and watched and heard the movement and looked back here. Seeing that it was xia yang coming, I raised my hand and said hello to him. xia yang slowed down and looked puzzled: "
"Farewell ceremony" only knows that the tone is very calm. I swept my eyes and saw his hand luggage. xia yang sipped his lips. Perhaps he was infected by the atmosphere in this room and brought a little sadness. His eyes were slightly hot and light. He replied: "Yes, I know that it’s a pity to say something. I paused for two seconds and asked," Look, you don’t seem to be delivered, or I will cry for you. "Xia Yang quickly came out and cried back.
It is not necessary to know that it is common for him to laugh lightly, such as experiencing all kinds of birth, death, illness and death in those worlds, or being forced to leave from one world to another, which has pitted him for hundreds of years. Now this is really a small scene, and they are still in the same world
If you really want to see each other again, you can meet at any time after the show.
Two people just talk here Lin Ji came over.
When the tutor opened the door, he saw a bunch of players holding crying faces there. He was not surprised at all and picked his eyebrows slightly.
"Oh, everyone is crying."
It’s not just that everyone in xia yang’s tears have gone back. Lin Ji naturally went to Fang Zhi’s side. First, he nodded to Xia Yang and said hello. Then he bowed his head and looked at Fang Zhi carefully: "Why didn’t you cry?"
Although others look at this gesture as intimate and ambiguous, Emperor Lin Ying has never controlled the discretion very well. Actually, there is still a distance between the two people, only to know that the original posture has not become lighter. The tone of the eyes is subtle: Lin Ji imagined in his mind that the child’s eyes were red and his eyes were smiling. Only when he looked at his lips, his tone was inexplicably provocative: it was not an easy task. Lin Ji also looked at him deeply: "It was not so easy. Ling Weiwei was previously left by a room with a little jealous nose."
Now that my eyes are not hot and my nose is not sour, the more I listen to it, the less I feel right.
Is it wrong with you or me? Then I heard the male god make up the following words: "We’ll cry when we get back to the tutor class, but you won’t cry." The other contestants silently withdrew their eyes and began to reflect on why there was yellow waste in their brains. People said it was crying! Cry! ! ! The sad atmosphere in the room was scattered in this way. All of them bid farewell to each other and wished to meet again. Only then did they know that xia yang had been looking at Lin Ji and hesitated as if he had something to say. He asked him a question: What happened to Lin Ji? When he heard the sound, he also looked at it. xia yang was suddenly watched by idols, his heart beat faster, and his brain was always wandering in his mouth. So words rushed out.
"I, I, I’m a fan of yours and I want an autograph! "After that, I felt too abrupt and a little embarrassed. I touched my nose and asked a little: Lin Ji didn’t know where to touch a pen before he said anything. He directly handed it to the man. First, he was stunned, then he smiled and took the pen from Fang Zhi. He gently asked where xia yang signed it.
Xia yang didn’t expect Lin Ji to agree so readily. He quickly dug out a signature board that had been prepared for a long time from his luggage. Excited, Lin Ji smiled and gave a sign and two words of blessing before signing his name. The other players next to him looked envious and knew they should bring a stack of signature boards! ! ! After Lin Ji signed it, he closed his pen cap and looked back to know that he was smiling. "I’ll sign one for you, too."
"I didn’t bring anything. Are you going to sign me?" You know, the tone is light when you reach for your pen.
Xia yang beside listen to a little stupid.
Look at the other players in the room with a calm face. It seems that everyone is used to this kind of indifferent state. Is it that they are too fussy? xia yang thought silently
Chapter 71 It turned out to be him
I know that I looked in the direction of Bai Tang.
Bai Tang don’t he naturally said to him
"Interest competition is a kind of interest mode competition game. There are so many games in this category that we won’t know which one is until the installation package is sent." We only know what it is.
Bai Tang’s scratching his head is also a little uncertain: for example, the guest chasers who come back are the real obstacle racers on the next-door show, and the real obstacle racers are subject to various restrictions such as time and venue. Usually, if more people want to play, they will choose the game company, and their requirements for physical fitness are slightly lower than those of field games.
The same is true of the other two games. With the development of these games getting better and better, in recent years, there have been various competitions held one after another, and a large number of professional players have emerged.
About an hour after the meeting, the workers sent the game installation package to their intelligent terminal, and also sent the recording date, game rules and other materials together
Bai Tang looked at the icon and name of the installation package, which turned out to be the last game he wanted to play.
That is to say, whatever you are afraid of will come! I know that the name of the game is also swept, but the face is not expressive. After the installation is selected, I will open the data and turn it up. First, at 7: 30, the number of players on the team battlefield will be fifty. Players can form their own teams before, and the number of players on each team is limited to five, and the players in the middle of the game cannot be replaced.
Every time a player from another group is eliminated, he can get one point. In addition, there is a special rule this time. If a player is eliminated by other players and his personal points are eliminated at two points, half of his personal points will be transferred to the other team.
When there is the last team left on the spot, each team can stay until the last person decides the ranking of the team students. The first team can get 50 points, the second team can get 45 points, and so on. The tenth team can also get 5 points, but after the tenth team does not get any points, the individual points of each player in the team will be added to the ranking for extra points. The team with the highest total score will be the winner of the game and win the team battle.
In the afternoon, the rules of individual warfare and team warfare are almost the same. The unit has changed from a team to a player with the highest individual total score. The sample can win the individual warfare and the intensity of individual warfare is greater. Therefore, it is not mandatory for all players to sign up on a voluntary basis. In the evening, it will be a two-person team battle. An open mode will be set up in the room, which means that they will play games with players outside the Star 1 players.
Because the players in the open mode are not program players, the points statistics adopt the ordinary scoring system, and the two people with the highest points in the double group get the reward.
When Bai Tang was at school, he played a few rounds of escape with his classmates, but he was always killed before he could react. He didn’t even know how he was eliminated.
At the moment, I can’t help but ask 1 when I see Fang Zhi’s calm expression.
"Brother Fang, have you ever played this game before?" You just know that the data file will be dropped, and an old god will be calm.
Ying Li was just about to come to play with them when she heard the conversation between them at the door. Her face was full of surprise.
I can’t believe you haven’t played! I cann’t believe you have something you can’t! You know everything! "Fang Zhi gave him an odd look:" When did I say I could do anything? "
You didn’t say, "Leaving is just like being at home. You just sit down on the sofa next door leisurely and easily." Once you give others a feeling, you will do anything! "The truth only knows that in the world, in a certain world, I have worked as a professional campaigner y8a{ What interest games are all about fighting with the mouse and keyboard, fighting with my hands and fighting with my consciousness. If I ignore them, I will be launched a few small challenges in the pursuit game. This is the first time that I know the true meaning of the interest competitive game. They chatted in the living room and Ling Weiwei came out of her room. She first looked at them in the direction, then pretended to walk slowly in front of everyone and went all the way to the corner of the bedroom to start sorting out the flowers in the vase.
Ying Li still thinks that it’s very new to know that there is something that can’t be done: "You can’t be a liar, just like those schoolmasters in our school say that this exam is so difficult, maybe you will fail it, and then take a look at your grades and get you a 90 out of 100!" Fang Zhi smiled gently: "I really haven’t played."
Bai Tang felt that he had found his family: "I, I, I! I can’t play either:
Ying got up and crossed his waist: "Ha ha ha, it’s my turn to take you to fly this time! I’m telling you, I’m still very good at this! " Ling coughed a little, then walked slowly in front of them again and again, poured a glass of water from the water dispenser, and didn’t know what a smile was when she looked at her.
Chapter 7 Team
Liu Yiyan’s dormitory is on the third floor. He didn’t come to be a social person, and he didn’t know much about other mentor group players. At that time, he was the first to question Yan Yao’s decision maker in that chase game. Although everyone didn’t say anything later, he felt that he was really getting close to Yan Yao, and he didn’t pay much attention to other members of his group. He also somewhat isolated himself. He meant that he didn’t like it, so he would rather cater to whoever held it and spend his mind and time polishing his acting skills. People will look for him in a game. Liu Yi said that he had seen the video of the performance in the days after the audition. It was from his heart that he experienced so many rounds of competitions in the past month or so.
Therefore, it is more polite in front of him.
"Team up? But" Liu put his fingers crossed in front of him, and his tone was serious, so he knew that the so-called one stand of hands was particularly straightforward: "Because you are the only one who didn’t team up, Liu said: All right, add the team information completely and hand it over to Liu as a member of their team. You should get up from the captain and welcome the new members immediately.
"You can rest assured that I am playing high!" The teenager patted his heart and was proud.
What do you mean?
Bai Tang smiled embarrassedly and scratched his head: Ling smiled slightly with a cold face. Only then did he know that he smiled: "I have never played." Liu Yiyan instantly showed his surprised face of leaving the same paragraph: Only then did he know that this was such a shocking thing? Liu Yiyan realized that he did have some gaffes and apologized and explained: Only then did he know that he smiled easily but did not explain anything.