In the second part, Xiao Zhi saw the suspense in the hearts of the big bird audience, and the video call between Xiao Zhi and Dr. Damu was full of information.

"That phoenix is really a god-class pet."
"Dr Big wood incredibly don’t believe Xiao Zhi saw ha ha ha"
"Amazing. No one has seen Pokemon talking."
"Is this the main feeling that Xiao Zhi is going to accept this phoenix?"
"There are four god beasts in the stone carving totem behind Dr. Damu. Phoenix seems to be one of them. What kind of gods are there?"
"The sleeper really knows how to dig a hole."
The suspense increased sharply, and before the audience finished scolding the pit owner, they were hateful and cute again.
Pikachu was seriously injured by the heroine Xiao Xia Line, and they took Pikachu to the Poké mon Treatment Center in Changpan City for treatment.
The villain also appeared.
It’s better to be blind when you appear than to be able to fight Pikachu.
"Since you asked sincerely"
"Then we will be merciful and tell you."
"To prevent the world from being destroyed"
"To protect world peace"
"carry out love, truth and evil"
"Lovely and charming villain"
"I’m Musashi."
"I am Kojiro."
"We are shuttling between the Galaxy Rockets."
"White holes and white days are waiting for us."
Most importantly, they have a cat.
"meow is like this."
"Poof ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
"He meows you."
"Lovely and charming villain, haha"
"Ah, hey, Mud Meng is enough."
"A mouthful of old blood gushed out."
"It’s so funny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
A big fight is on the verge. Yeah, a cute fight
Pikachu is a Poké mon that can be seen everywhere. Once again, it has been verified that there are several Pikachu in Changpan Medical Center.
And Xiao Zhi Pikachu is different, and it is also showing a blow to treat Pikachu’s bloody resurrection. The protagonist’s aura is coming casually. A cute and charming villain is almost dead, and only one meow is still alive.
"Pikachu’s power is stronger than others combined."
"Ha ha ha ha too much"
"Xiao Zhi, what is this? every cloud has a silver lining picked up a mutant beast."
"Pikachu is too strong."
Soon the audience found that Pikachu, the protagonist, was not unique. The most unique thing was that the Rockets’ Meow Meow Poké mon couldn’t speak, but Meow Meow actually spoke human words and sold it. It was simply.
Meow meow "This is nothing. In this case, I’ll have a good game. Rats are my favorite food."
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha and this said."
"Well, cats, mice, mice and elephants make so much sense that I’m right."
"Meow meow is so cute, hahahaha"
Sure enough, Pikachu made a big move, and the 100,000 volt Kai Changpan City Medical Center was blown up.
Musashi: "What did you lose to a mouse when you were a cat?"
Meow meow "that Pikachu is not an ordinary person"
Kojiro "nothing is more extraordinary than ordinary"
Musashi "maybe"
Meow meow "is this maybe"