"Miss Yin doesn’t have to think too much that Yin Dong didn’t refuse to respond to this matter, and on the contrary, Yin Dong decided to let Aurora, the first-line winner, have the first training the next day."

Yin Yating is puzzled.
"How can this be regarded as a response? If it weren’t for this result, I wouldn’t hurt Li Re without any money."
"Miss Yin, you don’t understand that Aurora, the winner of the film, has always been arrogant. If Mrs. Yin touches her, she will definitely suffer a big loss. Yin Dong means that it is punishment to let Mrs. Yin suffer a little."
When she said this, the old lady’s eyes flashed faintly, but Yin Yating didn’t notice it.
She raised her head and took a deep breath and asked again, "What does that have to do with my parents? Didn’t Yin Dong doubt it?"
V Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Congcong by mistake
The old lady nodded and looked as usual.
"Yin Dong didn’t doubt it, and he also said that Miss Yin’s interview results were excellent and you were a usable material, but you provoked Mrs. Yin, presumably even if Yin Dong let you be better than Mrs. Yin, he told me to pay more attention to it."
Yin Yating was relieved to hear her say this.
It doesn’t matter whether Li Ruoxi will let her go. What matters is that what she did before is not in vain.
The next morning, yesterday, 20 new artists who passed the interview went to the fifteenth floor and became a row dressed in gray and white tones. Li Ruoxi looked around in the first place.
The training place on the fifteenth floor is the practice room. Except for the poles, the wooden floor is mirrored, which makes this room extremely wide and bright.
Who was the instructor who got the first training before? Yin Yating was a little embarrassed at the end of the row this time.
Yesterday, after the old lady in the shed finished speaking, she went back to the house and thought about it carefully, but there was something wrong with her heart.
Yin Dong didn’t respond to the quarrel between her and Li Re in the corridor. Even he asked Aurora, the winner, to give the first training of new artists and secretly let Li Re suffer. These words were all heard by her from the old lady.
Therefore, the truth of this matter is still unclear.
According to the normal regulations, new artists are managed by a broker in the company’s internal department, and today is the day when the broker and the first training instructor come together.
But it’s already half past ten, but there is still no one coming into the training room on the fifteenth floor.
First floor corridor
Aurora was very angry and sat on the sofa. "What does Yin Dong want me to do for the first training of those newcomers and rookies, and one of them is Yin Dong’s wife? What does he mean?"
Come with us. Jia Yingying glanced at Aurora and then said indifferently, "But he asked you to do the first training on this first day probably because he couldn’t find a candidate."
Aurora held her arms and her face was full of jealousy.
"Let me do the first training for those newcomers and rookies, but why should we equip these rookies with a gold medal agent? That’s an S-class figure. Don’t you think it’s a bit rough?"
Jia Yingying looked up and saw her eyes. "The agent hasn’t come yet, Ruola. Do you want to go first and rest later? The first training will be over."
Aurora sat there motionless tone slightly impatient.
"I don’t, I’m going to wait for this S-level broker to go there together. It’s embarrassing enough for me to be the first training instructor. Do you want me to go there first and give lessons to those rookie who don’t know anything?"
Just then, behind them, they suddenly came to ponder over the ink and laughed. "I really didn’t expect that it would be so frustrating for me to give a first training to the rookies after the Yin’s European film winner."
I didn’t expect Yin Mo to come over. Aurora changed his face and quickly posted it. "Yin Dong, where are you talking? I think it’s good to wait for the S-class broker to go there together."
Yin Mo nodded and raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "You can go there now. You don’t have to wait. The big agent hasn’t changed his job from Shenghuaqi yet. I’ll call a press conference later. I hope we can finish the first training beautifully after the European film winner."
Aurora’s face was very smelly, and Jia Yingying shrugged at her. I knew the expression on her face.
Yin ink fundus has flashed impatient look Aurora dare not say anything again, dragging Jia Yingying’s hand with his head down and stepping into the ladder quickly.
Even after winning the film, she can’t leave Yin Mo to control the Yin chaebol. If she has the strength to win the popularity, she will have the strength to step on her.
Aurora also don’t want to because we have sinned against Yin ink and self-destruction.
Jia Yingying in the ladder suddenly turned her head and showed the same feelings.
"Last night, I heard that Mrs. Yin in our company was bullied and the other party was still a competent dormitory manager."
"What kind of couple can be a matron these days? It’s just money."
Aurora some disdain.
Jia Yingying corrected, "It is said that this time it was different. The old lady Li Jie personally chose the matron, and this matron is said to be gentle and powerful. Last night, she cried for most of the night because of a quarrel with Mrs. Yin."
Aurora raised his eyebrows slightly. "What’s the name of that matron?"
Jia Yingying bowed her head and flipped through. Weibo pointed to one of the messages and said, "What seems to be called Yin Yating was an ordinary girl who worked as a receptionist in a private restaurant in Mokalina."
As if I guessed something, Aurora’s pie mouth was "very ordinary. If she has something to do with Yin, she will say that she is still not ordinary. Instead, Mrs. Yin is really stupid."
Jia Yingying frowned. "Stupid? I didn’t think that although the new artists said that Mrs. Yin was very unruly, she was quite clever when I first met her."
Aurora walked out of the ladder and smiled back. "Just because she knew that she had changed her mind to call you Yingying, she was smart."
Jia Yingying no longer answered, and her face was slightly ugly.
Stretched out his hand and pushed the door of the fifteenth floor training room. Aurora and Jia Yingying took the lead in going in. Those low-discussion people in the room became instantly quiet when they saw the door being pushed.
Li Rexi looked for Yin Yating’s figure from the mirror wall in front of her in the head.
This market position is supposed to be the matron, but at this moment Yin Yating, the matron, has disappeared. According to the shaking of her head one by one, she should go to the back.