"Dai Mu Bai Xing Luo Imperial Emperor was mixed up by you, so you are really enough, but you should also have the opportunity to inherit the throne of Xing Luo Imperial Empire." Zhao looked at his feet and Dai Mu smiled.

"What do you know? Davis, they have great potential. If I had stayed in Xingluo Empire, I would have been killed. If it weren’t for Davis, I would still be the emperor of Xingluo Empire. How could you be so bullied? "Dai Mubai said with resentment.
"Oh, the name of your rival for the throne is Davis. He really wants to kill you now."
"What do you want? Do you want to tell Davis to kill me? " Dai Mubai looked at Zhao rain or shine.
"I have to go to so much trouble if I want to kill you, but now I want to help you."
"Help me? Hehe, you and I will believe your story? " Dai Mu’s white face showed a sarcastic smile. In his view, it was all thanks to Zhao that he became like this.
Zhao now says that he will help him, which is absolutely a wild talk.
"I will not only help you, but also help you seize the throne."
"The throne?" Dai Mubai’s face changed greatly. He didn’t expect Zhao to say these words.
The throne, this is what he dreams about.
"Do you want to help me? I’m afraid you have other plans, "Dai Mubai said coldly.
Another plan? Isn’t this nonsense?
What he wants is the highest power of the Star Empire.
Chapter 11 Be swayed by considerations of gain and loss Zhu Zhuqing
"Another picture?" Zhao smiled, bent over and looked at Dai Mubai. "Is there lunch this day?"
Listen to Zhao words Dai Mubai surly.
Zhao said that there is no lunch for the sky. According to Zhao’s personality, he would never help him. He must be up to something.
"What do you want?" Dai Mubai frowned and thought for a while, but he still didn’t expect anything to attract him.
"Don’t worry about what I want. When I help you ascend to the throne, I will naturally find you and get what I want." Zhao smiled and moved away from Dai Mu’s white feet.
"OK, but how can you help me?" Dai Mu nodded his head, even though he knew that Zhao had a big picture, he still had no choice because he didn’t do what Zhao said, and I’m afraid he would die here for a moment. Even if Zhao didn’t kill him, Davis would still find him one day, and he would still be born to die.
If you want to live, you can have strength and profit.
Therefore, he must defeat Davis to inherit the throne, which is far from enough by himself. After he left Xingluo Empire for so many years, the Koreans must have supported Davis. It is too difficult for him to defeat Davis alone.
And Zhao, who has the strength and means, is his best ally, and it is not enough for Zhao to cultivate to this level at this age. There must be a big force behind him, so if Zhao really wants to help him, he may really be able to fight.
Of course, he also has his own thoughts. In his opinion, he wants to become a star empire. When the time comes, Zhao can’t stand him. Even those big door lords will give him a face. How can Zhao stand him? Besides, Zhao might still be in his hands when the time comes, and then he can avenge his wife’s death.
Thought of here, Dai Mubai was eager again.
Since Zhao is willing to give him a chance, don’t blame him.
Dai Mubai’s expression changed when Zhao saw it in his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes flashed a trace of disdain. His thoughts were written in his face. What can people expect from him?
In the original book, if Tang San hadn’t opened it for him and given him another ten years, it would have been impossible to defeat Davis.
"What can I do for you? You’ll know when the time comes that you and Davis are competing for the throne this time," Zhao said faintly.
"Uh-huh." Dai Mu nodded plainly. They wore a family except him and Davis. Several other imperial brothers were too young to be six years old.
"That’s not? Isn’t it you who killed Davis to the throne? " Zhao said so-called
"Kill Davis?" Dai Mubai looked at Zhao with a flicker of fear in his eyes, saying that killing an emperor is so easy. I’m afraid Zhao is crazy.
"Davis is guarded by the strong Contra, and there are people who secretly protect him. Even if you want to kill Davis, it’s not that easy. After all, if you make a little noise, the Royal Guard will come, and even if you want to fight, you have to lose it." Dai Mubai rationally analyzed.
"There are many ways to kill people in this world. Forget it. I won’t tell you when the time comes. I have my own way." Zhao is no longer prepared to pester Dai Mubai more, thinking of separating a faint black flame from him and attaching it to Dai Mu’s white body.
"This is my spark, and I can find you through it then." Zhao light way slowly walked away.
When Zhao return to Shrek college
It was at breakfast that Zhao didn’t think much and went directly to the canteen.
In the dining hall, Xiaowu and three girls gathered around a table to eat, while Oscar ate alone at another table. From time to time, his eyes glanced at Xiaowu’s table, which was a little lonely. Now Ma Hongjun went to Chihuo College to check Wu Soul. Dai Mubai was expelled from the college. He didn’t even have a speaker to eat.
Looking at the table opposite Yingying Yanyan, he has some bigger eyes.
But he dare not go there.
But fortunately, just looking at it is enough to feast your eyes, especially looking at Ning Rongrong’s charming smile, and he is satisfied for a while.
But soon the satisfied smile on his face came to an abrupt end.
Because a man is holding Ning Rongrong’s little face so intimately, he can’t help feeling a little jealous.
"What are you talking about? Laughing so happily? " Zhao smiled and pinched Ning Rongrong face baby fat in the position to sit down.
Ning Rongrong some blush with shame "what did you just do? Why didn’t we see you? "
"I’m going to send Mu Bai for a ride. Teacher Zhao threw Mu Bai directly into the wild, and no one even packed anything. I guess he didn’t even have to change his clothes and sent him some travelling expenses. Anyway, it was a classmate’s game, right?" Zhao said as he picked up the table chopsticks and twisted the peanuts on the plate
"Hey, that’s my chopsticks." Ning Rongrong Trail with rosy face.
"I don’t think you ate either. Don’t worry, I don’t dislike you." Zhao said with no care.
"Oh, then you eat. I’m full." I glanced back at Zhao. Ning Rongrong was pounding in his heart.
"Zhu Qing, are you better now? You just fainted at that time, so I went to Dai Mubai and didn’t do anything." Thought Zhao explained.
He knows that girls are still very concerned about these things.
"Thank you, Zhao. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for you yesterday." Zhu Zhu’s voiceless voice was cold but with a touch of softness.
Now that she knows what she really needs to cherish, she decides to change herself.
Live by yourself from now on.
"this is all I should do. After all, we are all classmates."
Zhu Zhuqing’s face changed slightly. Yes, they are ordinary classmates.
She turned him down that time. Is he angry now?
Mr. Bei’s beautiful eyes glanced at Zhao, and Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t see anything from Zhao’s face and suddenly felt a little lost.
She is not sure whether Zhao has that kind of feeling for her.
After all, Zhao said that it was also a sharpening of ambiguity. Maybe he didn’t like her and he didn’t know.
Besides, she already said what she thought that time, which is considered to be a rejection. It should hurt his self-esteem for a man.
What if he doesn’t like himself? Zhu Zhuqing was a little flustered.
Chapter 1 Commitment
After breakfast
As usual, they went to the Soto Colosseum to fight for souls.
These days, Zhao and Ning Rongrong have won a winning streak, which has caused quite a stir in Soto’s big fight.
Can you believe that a soul statue and a great soul master are killing indiscriminately in the soul statue group?