But this is far from what he expected … day by day, when he saw that arc, Benitez got up directly. He watched the football hanging into the opponent’s goal quietly, and his hands could not help but hold the fist desperately.

This is a genius!
Benitez has seen Zhang Tiehan practice curveball. He is practicing a kick. After all, this unique Italian ball can’t be practiced overnight. It takes more than sweat and talent. In his opinion, Zhang Tiehan obviously has no talent for curveball.
But he did it!
It should not be said that he imagined that Zhang man of iron’s generation could kick Beckham’s exquisite curveball in a few days.
"Genius! Genius! " Benitez muttered to himself.
Benitez didn’t realize it until the assistant coach and the substitutes celebrated the goal behind him. The goal also represented Liverpool’s two-goal lead
He raised his fist and his face looked excited.
No one knows that at this moment, his mouth shouted "Oh, Zhang! Genius, genius, genius … I really have the most insight. A champion’s income is worth it! "
I don’t know whether he is praising himself or Zhang Tiehan.
“gal! It’s a goal! Zhang! A wonderful arc ball! "
"This ball reminds me of David Beckham!"
"I didn’t expect Zhang to kick such a subtle curve ball! Beautiful! Real betis goalkeeper contreras responded that he could watch the football fly into the goal! "
"I don’t believe I saw the real Zhang actually kicked into an arc …"
"We should pay attention to the goal players who kick Zhang Yi later. Zhang Ke can not only volley vigorously, but also kick a wonderful arc …"
"From this ball, we can see that although Zhang looks rough and crazy, his heart will be very delicate."
"Maybe English beauties will suffer after hearing your remarks."
"Who doesn’t like such a man … if he gives me a message number, I will refuse to sleep with him …"
"Angelia, please note that this is a competition field, not a bar …"
Is the football field perhaps not important anymore? In the media box of the game, a group of reporters talked about the ball crazily. A tall and moving woman didn’t speak. She just looked at the field and the man was a little drunk thinking about the arc just now.
If Zhang Tiehan came running, he would exclaim a name, Alexia!
Of course, this woman hasn’t appeared in Zhang man of iron’s life for a long time recently. Even Zhang Tiehan didn’t say a few words to her at the’ Wenju’ party. Now Zhang Tiehan didn’t think that she felt that it was really worthwhile to practice Beckham’s Italian ball for a few days at this moment. If it is his way to kick, it really depends on a lot of luck to score the ball, but how about the arc-shaped Italian ball directly bypassing the human wall? It is said that it is easy to hang the ball if the goalkeeper of the other side doesn’t exceed the standard.
It’s easy to score goals.
Zhang Tiehan was very happy and didn’t care about the jealousy in his teammates’ eyes. He and everyone saw his teammates hugging each other to celebrate and ran to the stands to raise their hands to the cheering Liverpool fans.
This move attracted more shocking cheers.
Liverpool fans are different from players and coaches. They don’t care what Zhang Tiehan can kick the curveball. The only thing they know is that Zhang Tiehan scored. He helped the team rewrite the score. He performed quite well. Liverpool led by two goals, which is worth cheering for their big team.
At the same time, they also cheered man of iron
Half a year ago, Zhang man of iron scored a goal and recruited more than half of the Liverpool fans. When he first came to the team, although he was expensive, Liverpool fans actually took a wait-and-see attitude towards him. Most English fans noted that the English League against the Champions League was also a national team game, or the Champions League final. Obviously, Rome and Liverpool fans didn’t know how good Zhang Tiehan’s performance was in the season. They knew that it was just a data.
But over the past six months, Zhang man of iron has been scoring goals and goals. He is now the top scorer of the team, and his impact in the frontcourt is not comparable to that of others.
He is not only the first to score goals, but also quite strong in tactics.
Many Liverpool game commentators are calling Zhang Tiehan’s name, which also gives Liverpool fans a more intuitive understanding of Zhang Tiehan. They are very happy that the team can have such an excellent star, and now their support is from the heart.
Many people came to watch the game because of Zhang man of iron. Now they are naturally very excited to see Zhang Tiehan score. They feel that this game has not been wasted.
This is the influence of Zhang Tiehan among Liverpool fans at present.
After celebrating the goal, there is not much time left in the game
In fact, before the celebration, real betis players didn’t ask the referee to restart the game. This attitude also proves that they must have lost an extra minute or two in the game now.
Yeah, that’s what they think
From the first minute of the game, they didn’t see the hope of victory. Even if Liverpool didn’t score, they couldn’t find the hope because the strength gap between the two teams was too big, and the scene was very depressing.
Now that Liverpool have scored two goals, they will not think about winning.
Hurry up and play! This kind of game is not enjoyment … real betis players are so eager to know what the next game will be like. It is worth it. First, Zhang Tiehan was replaced by Benitez after the goal, and Benitez let Kewell play.
Kewell is a very good player. He can beat the left striker or the left avant-garde, and he can also play the second striker behind the center or the attacking midfielder. His left foot is skilled and he has a precise and powerful shooting skill. He is extremely fast and has a strong individual breakthrough ability.
Kewell is definitely one of the best players at Liverpool.
He is an Australian player and has won the Australian Footballer of the Year award three times in a row. When he moved from Leeds United to Liverpool in three years, Kewell was worth 10 million pounds. At that time, he was 24 years old. From his worth, it can be seen that Kewell is absolutely excellent.
Unfortunately, Kewell has been injured frequently since he came to Liverpool.
Kewell’s team made 17 appearances last season. The most regrettable thing is that Kewell also played in Istanbul and Milan A. After ten minutes, he was replaced because of injury and failed to experience the miracle with his teammates.
Now Kewell can also be a substitute, and it is an intermittent substitute. Benitez has always hoped that he will be in better health, which will increase the number of appearances for the team and his state will turn around. That will really help the team. After all, players like Kewell can play well in any position in the frontcourt. Every team likes you. You don’t have to worry about changing players. No one can be in the same position.
Obviously, Benitez still has expectations for Kewell, hoping that the Australian striker will make a difference.
There is another meaning for Cowell to make a final inspection of him.
Due to repeated injuries, Kewell gradually lost his letter from Benitez. Before the game, many British media predicted that there would be little time left for Australians. Maybe it will be a month or so. If Kewell can’t perform before the winter transfer window opens, then Kewell will be destined to be sold.
In the past 18 months, Kewell has almost become a Liverpool basket case. One injury after another to groin and ligament has left him out for a long time, and Benitez’s patience has gradually lost. The most disappointing performance was that Kewell was unexpectedly assigned as a starting striker in the Champions League final of the season, but after playing for several minutes, Benitez’s substitution quota was abolished because of the injury. After that, Kewell disappeared from people’s sight. Many people almost can’t remember that there is such a player at Anfield.
Obviously Cowell is very aware of his current situation.
Although it has been only a few minutes since this appearance, Kewell is still playing hard, but he is very hard. He is lucky. In the last minute of the game, Kewell helped Morientes score the last goal with an oblique straight ball.
Liverpool lead by three goals.
This is also the last goal of the game. Not long after the goal was completed, the referee blew the whistle. Liverpool beat real betis by three goals at Anfield Stadium to complete the fourth victory of the Champions League group stage, which also made Liverpool’s situation in the group better.
But after the game, the bad news came that Chelsea also won. At present, they won one game less than Liverpool, but the final round of the group stage is Chelsea’s home game against Liverpool. The two teams will play at Stamford Bridge. If Chelsea can win, they can win the first place in the group by winning or losing.
Liverpool can fall into second place even if they lose to Chelsea with such a good result.
This makes the English media pay more attention to the situation in Group G. After all, there are two English teams in Group G, and now the two teams with the best performance in the Premier League are going to compete for the first place in the group. They all expect this to be a wonderful contest.
However, Benitez’s statement disappointed many media.