Callert said, "Then wipe your eyes. Well, I brought the little princess this time. Aren’t you going to talk to the little princess?"

Naruto then remembered that the little girl around callert was the little girl he and Sasuke knew when they strayed into the underworld. Her name was Avril Lucifer, and she was Christina’s own sister.
Avril Lavigne saw Naruto notice her and immediately cried happily, "Naruto is me. I’m Avril Lavigne. Are you okay?" Avril Lavigne ran to Naruto with a happy smile on her face.
Naruto frowned and said, "Avril, why are you here? Do you know what this place is? How did you come here in such a dangerous place? "
Avril Lavigne laughed. "Do you care about me? Hehe, that’s great. I’m so happy. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine with callert’s brother. "
Naruto really doesn’t know what to say. Naruto is really a little uncomfortable with Avril Lavigne’s enthusiasm. Nai sighed.
At this time, the inferno army finally set out, and Gith William sat in a huge carriage and pulled a cart. It was two hells, Warcraft, with dragon blood and Yalong.
There is a map of forbearance hanging in the carriage. Giswilliam pointed to the map with a baton and introduced himself to Princess Christina, who was sitting opposite, about this war against forbearance.
See gith William pointed to the iron national road "Princess Palace this time we launched a general attack on this so-called forbearance world. Since those ninjas in forbearance world have found out, our plan will be prepared. Although the hands have been arranged, it is difficult to guarantee that they will have other preparations. I decided to launch a feint on the iron country talks this time, and we have to deal with the feint launched by the strong in each village. If there is a subsequent party, then we will stall them. If there is no us, we will directly attack and kill the strong and leaders in forbearance world, and the forbearance world will be broken."
Christina asked, "What if they are prepared?"
Gith William said, "Then if we hold them off so soon, we can wage war against the big countries at the same time, and if the leaders and the strong are not in the village, then our chances of winning will be greatly improved."
Christina thinks this method is good, so she can solve the invasion of forbearance in the shortest time.
Christina turned to look behind her and said, "Lola, what do you think of General Chance’s plan?"
Laura laughed. "I think this method is not bad. If it is successful, it will save us a lot of time and reduce some unnecessary casualties. It is a good plan."
Christina thought for a moment after hearing Lola’s words and nodded, "Let’s follow General Chance’s plan. By the way, where is Avril Lavigne?"
Gith William said, "According to the eyeliner, Princess Avril has gone to the Iron Country with General callert. I think it should be in the meeting room by now."
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Trends
Naruto Nai said, "Avril, can you go and play first?" Your callert brother and I still have some things to solve. "
Avril Lavigne looked at Naruto and then at callert. Although Avril Lavigne is young, she knows a lot of things, so she laughed. "Naruto, are you going to fight callert’s brother? Although brother Naruto is very powerful, brother callert is the strongest among the younger generation of our fallen angel empire. You are unlikely to win. Let’s not fight. "
Naruto smiled confidently. "Well, I didn’t know that he was the strongest Naruto brother in your degenerate angel empire until I played. I am the youngest genius of Konoha, and I may not lose."
Avril Lavigne knows that she can’t stop being unhappy. "Hum, don’t blame me for not waking you up if you are killed." Then don’t look away from Naruto.
Chuda came up and asked, "Naruto, this little girl is."
Naruto laughed. "This is Avril Lavigne, whom I have been to with you. This is my brother Ueda’s friend and good friend."
Avril Lavigne turned to look at Ueda and smiled. "Hello, my name is Avril Lavigne. Are you Naruto’s brother and girlfriend?"
When Avril Lavigne asked this question, his face turned red and he was so shy that Avril immediately knew that he had guessed right. He said happily, "I knew you were so beautiful, sister, and brother Naruto must like you very much."
Naruto suddenly said in his heart, "Now little girls are so precocious. This is too fast. Why didn’t I find it before?"
Naruto coughed to cover up his embarrassment and said, "Avril, why don’t you go and play with Sister Ueda first?"
Avril Lavigne also cleverly nodded. "Well, brother callert, you can’t bully brother Naruto too much."
Callert shook his head with a wry smile. For this little princess, the whole degenerate angel empire also has Princess Christina who can make her post. Everyone else can’t take her. How can I suddenly go to the enemy to recognize my friends? How can I persuade myself to be merciful to the enemy?
Avril Lavigne also ignored callert and turned to Ueda and said, "Sister Ueda, let’s go aside first. Ignore these two fighting maniacs." Then she took Ueda to talk.
After Avril Lavigne left, Naruto stepped forward to face this callert and said, "We didn’t fight a few days ago. Now let’s continue." With that, Naruto pulled out his waist wind and Excalibur exuded a strong fighting spirit
When callert saw Naruto’s fighting will and momentum, he also put away his contempt and pulled out his broadsword. He looked at Naruto and said, "It seems that your strength has increased a lot in just a few days. No wonder you have the courage to fight with me again. Let’s say it won’t be as easy as this time." After that, callert also exudes a monstrous momentum, which is distorted even around.
Callert’s imposing manner suddenly frightened some people in the place. They didn’t expect the imposing manner given off by this 20-year-old boy to be so strong. The three generations of soil shadows even sighed, "It seems that I am really old. I didn’t expect young people to be so powerful now."
After that, I looked at the black soil around me and was relieved. "Fortunately, there are successors in Yanyin Village. It seems that I am really no longer suitable for this position and it is time for young people to sit in this position."
When their momentum condensed to a critical point, Naruto and callert both moved at the same time. When they saw each other recklessly in the middle, callert suddenly felt a huge force. His knife seemed to be chopped on the strongest shield instead of being cut like a man. callert was surprised by Naruto’s strength, but Naruto was actually uncomfortable when he was in contact with callert’s knife. He instantly felt that an extremely powerful and hot force was handed to him through the wind sword, which made Naruto very uncomfortable. Even with Kyubi no Youko’s power to help suppress Naruto, he still felt his insides burned.
At the same time, the two men thought of "competitive" in their minds, and their faces showed excitement and smiled at the same time. At the same time, they rushed to callert to sink a knife and cut Naruto’s sword to block callert’s stroke. Excalibur once again grabbed the hilt and swept callert’s throat.
Callert felt that Yiqing in his hand suddenly knew that it was not good to hurry back and missed Naruto’s sword. When callert was still scratched by the wind Excalibur’s own wind attribute chakra, a small gash appeared in his neck.
Callert didn’t expect that he would be hurt by Naruto, and he was surprised at the same time. Avril Lavigne was surprised when he saw the play. "It’s incredible that callert’s brother was injured. I didn’t expect Naruto’s brother to become so strong."
After callert recovered, he was immediately excited, "You actually hurt me. You actually hurt me." callert looked crazy and excited.
Naruto looked excited. callert murmured, "How can you be excited when you are injured? Is this little guy crazy?"
Callert is getting more and more excited and crazy. callert suddenly roared, "You actually hurt me. I haven’t experienced the feeling of injury for a long time. Hahahaha, that’s great. That’s what I want to feel. Naruto Uzumaki, you are so exciting. Hahahaha." With callert laughing, his body broke out again, and his momentum became stronger, twice as strong as before. More than even cracks appeared around him.
Callert put the knife across his chest, and the black blade burst into a blazing black magic flame. Naruto’s face became dignified after seeing callert’s explosive strength. Kyubi no Youko said, "Naruto’s strength is too strong, make me strong quickly, or you can’t stop him from attacking."
Naruto nodded and said, "I know. Let’s join the Nine Lamas."
Naruto’s body suddenly emitted an extremely powerful chakra and directly entered the Kyubi no Youko mode. Behind him, wrapped in golden yellow, chakra swung seven fox tails, and at the same time opened his eyes and eyes. The grass blade came out directly from Naruto’s eyes and merged into Naruto’s wind Excalibur.
Callert was excited when he saw Naruto become stronger. "Ha, ha, ha, that’s interesting. Come on, Naruto Uzumaki, you will be a stepping stone for me to become stronger."
Avril Lavigne suddenly said after one leng, "I didn’t expect Naruto’s brother to be a semi-demon, but it seems that this is not how to return a responsibility?" Sister Ueda, do you know what happened to Naruto’s brother? " Avril Lavigne asked curiously to the young fields around him.
Chuda replied, "Well, what is a semi-demon? I don’t know. I know Naruto sealed the nine bijuu Kurama kyuubi."
Avril Lavigne realized after hearing Ueda’s words, "So that’s it, brother Naruto. It’s a fusion with the body-sealed monster. No wonder brother Naruto will be a semi-demon. This time, it will be interesting. Originally, my brother Naruto was no match for brother callert. Now it seems that it is uncertain who will win or lose."
Ueda looked at the little girl who was afraid of chaos around her. Seeing her excitement, there seemed to be nothing more interesting than the stars in her eyes. Ueda suddenly became more speechless and ignored Avril Lavigne and turned to worry about looking at Naruto.
Naruto’s burst of power made everyone present stunned. Terumi Mei looked at Naruto and said, "Is this the power to control bijuu?" So powerful, even if I get the dragon, I may not be able to compete with Konoha. It’s a cradle of genius. "
Onogi said, "Not only that, but there is also a Sasuke Uchiha with the same name as Naruto Uzumaki. Will it enter the era of the first generation of Huoying in the near future?" Onogi, a three-generation soil shadow, has experienced more and thought further. After all, he is an old man who has experienced the thousand-handed column and the uchiha madara era
I love Luo Ti, and Shukaku disdains to say, "It’s really uncomfortable that the smelly fox is playing handsome again."
I love Luo. "That’s because Kyubi no Youko is closer to Naruto’s heart. Shukaku hopes that one day we can become friends like Naruto and Kyubi no Youko."
Shukaku slightly one leng thought of his one-man-strength, thought of Ootutuki Hagoromo’s arrogance and arrogance. "Hum, uncle doesn’t want to be good friends with humans. I went to bed and I was sleepy when I saw the smelly fox playing handsome."
I love Luo to smile after hearing Shukaku’s words.
Four generations of Lei Ying said to Watergate, "I didn’t expect the kid to grow up now. Watergate, you should be proud of him."
Watergate laughed. "It’s Naruto. He’s always been the pride of Jiusinai and me."
Some people are happy, others are worried. If you want to say that the mood is the most complicated after seeing Naruto’s power, you have to hide a few groups. When Naruto broke out with such a strong power, the first thing that came to mind was the brilliant future of Konoha. He seemed to see the Thousand-Handed Pillar and uchiha madara, and moderns was about to come to Konoha again.
But at the same time, Tuanzang became worried again because he was not Huo Ying, and he wanted to lead Konoha to the most moderns. He always thought that if he was Huo Ying, he would do better than the three generations. But now whether it is Naruto Uzumaki or Sasuke Uchiha, in the eyes of the world, they are all three generations, not others. This is the most correct place for Tuanzang.
Tuanzang thought to himself, "I must become a shadow of fire. With Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyuga, Uchiha Itachi, Nawaki Uchiha Kagami and pommel horse cloud, I will lead Konoha to the most brilliant moderns than the early generation and uchiha madara." The firm eyes in Tuanzang’s eyes staring at Naruto’s eyes are like essence.
(I really don’t know how to evaluate the person who is hiding. He is bent on Konoha even if he dies, but he is selfish and conceited. He has always wanted to compare the three generations. If Konoha leads him, he will always do better than the three generations. It is simply the successor of uchiha madara Thought. He has always been very tough. He can’t tell whether he likes it or hates it.)
Chapter three hundred and seventy-three Hidden ambitions
Naruto and callert happen to coincide at the same time to see them collide again. Naruto’s Excalibur and callert’s magic sword collided again. This time, no one took a step back but really fought hard.
The sword collided with chakra and the magic gas collided and suddenly formed a shock wave. The shock wave immediately shattered the whole conference building, and cracks appeared everywhere, and the top was directly shattered
Callert laughed. "Hehe, it seems that it’s really not empty. I didn’t expect it to be so strong that it would be valuable to kill you like this."
Naruto sneered, "I’m not afraid of the wind flashing my tongue. It’s because I haven’t come to refine my body strength that you have the wind. This time, I see how you can be arrogant." Say that finish, Naruto’s right eye circle launched a repulsive force and immediately hit callert.
Naruto’s 56-point attack rushed to the sword and split it horizontally to get callert’s head. callert suffered a dark loss. Fortunately, when he reacted, he quickly opened the degenerate angel wing and stabilized his body. The knife case blocked Naruto’s Excalibur.
Naruto’s power is too great. Let’s just say that callert blew it out. Naruto’s rise and tide wait for no man. He rushed directly to his hand. The wind Excalibur once again split at callert callert and sensed Naruto’s figure. Suddenly, he incited the degenerate angel wings to hold his position and raise a knife to split at Naruto.